Testing a Synology RS2414+ & DS1813+ Part# 2 – HD Carrier

My testing series on Synology goes on. During the last weeks I bought an DS1813+ to extend my lab.

That brought me in the good position to check out a very small but important part of the system. I really like the HD carrier Synology uses. There are currently two types I know. The Diskstation Carrier and the Rackstation Carrier. Both are able to carrier 3,5″ and 2,5″ HDs without any additional mounting kits.

The only thing that changes is the position of the screws for the RS Carrier and for the DS Carrier I needed to remove one fix clamp and fix the 2,5″ drive with a screw.

So at the end a good solution. 🙂


Synology RS HD Carrier


Synology DS Carrier with 2,5″ SSD