Time to say thank you

Hallo everybody,

the year 2012 has nearly ended here in Germany. I think now it’s the best time to thank some friends and coworkers who helped and supported me over the last year.

Rafael Knuth: 
Rafael is my Dell Community Lead and best friend. I work together with him since February 2012. He trained me about social media, blogging, business strategies, management and much more. Without him I would not be who I am now. He also took over the role of my best friend during the year. He helped me with understanding and proposals on my private projects and problems. Thank you very much “old man”, I hope I will be able to give you something back in 2013.

Janine Wegner: 
Janine is my “brand queen” at Dell. She helped me to understand all the marketing stuff, that was coming up with the new position. She also helped me to run some projects and she also edited some of my company blog, to get them more “fluent”. Thank you Janinchen.

Michael Koch and Michael Lindner: 
Michael and Michael are my Teamleaders at Dell. They keep me free from many things, so that I can concentrate on my projects. They were also willing to help, when I wanted to earn a new certification or need some days off for private projects. Thank you guys.

Carsten Rachfahl:
Carsten show me new ways to earn knowledge and show people what I can. With his help I was able to multiplicate my knowledge level and together we run some cool projects. I hope we can go on and improve our partnership in 2013, too. Thank you Carsten.

Didier van Hoye:
Didier, I have to thank you for asking me questions I can’t answer. Because of you I learned a lot last year and you show me new things I didn’t know about technology. I would be happy for more guidance, also in 2013. Thank you Didier.

Aidan Finn: 
Aidan let me thank you for all these great blogs you wrote. They made my daily business much easier. Thank you also for not killing me during E2EVC after the “Justin Bieber” joke.  Thank you Aidan.

Yasushi Osonoi:
Osonoi-San thank you very much for your support in the APJ regions. I loved to work with you and I would be happy to improve our partnership in future. Thank you Osonoi-San.

Dell TechCenter Team Global: 
Dell TechCenter Team, thank you for giving me a platform to share my knowledge and for your support during also the projects I made. I’m happy to have coworkers like you over in the US. Thank you guys.


To all of you! You influenced me so much in 2012 and I’m happy to name you friends and colleagues. Thank you very much and I wish you an amazing 2013.


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