FIX: Slow performance for Hyper-V VMs when using VMQ with Broadcom NICs

Regarding to the issue I mentioned in my post about the performance issues from Hyper-V VMs when VMQ is enabled, Broadcom brought a driver fix for Windows Server 2012.

This fix should solve the issue.

You can download the new firmware from Broadcom or your the downloadpages from your Vendor.


Here the Dell Downloadlinks:

Driver download

Before you install the new driver, please uninstall the old one. 

Firmware download


Fixes and Enhancements Broadcom driver vers., (Source:

– Display FCoE statistics in management
– 57800_1Gig ports displays FCoE boot version in HII
– 5720 DriverHealthProtocol status
– R720 – Broadcom 5719 PCI MAC address set to null 00-00-00-00-00-00 when using LAG in PCI slots 1-4
– NIC.FrmwImgMenu.1 is not displaying Controller BIOS Object.
– Broadcom 10 Gigabit Ethernet Driver fails EFI_DEVICE_ERROR with drvdiag
– Add ability to change TCP Delayed ACK setting on Broadcom 57711
– Add support for OOB WOL using virtual mac address
– Add support for BACS to Allow Simultaneous Multiple vPort Creation
– Broadcom 5720 NDC fail to support the VLAN tagging in UEFI
– Broadcom 57810S-k iSoE ESXi performance issue during large block Seq IO
– Remove additional MAC address displaying in device configuration menu
– Change BACS display string of ‘iSCSI’ to ‘iSCSI HBA’ in DCB menu
– Update BACs DCB description field to add details on where to enable DCB
– Added Nic Partitioning feature to new 57712 Ethernet controller chip.
– The drivers for NetXtreme II 1 Gb, NetXtreme II 10 Gb, and iSCSI offload are combined in the KMP RPM packages provided for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1.
– The Broadcom driver and management apps installer now provides the ability to select whether to enable the TCP Offload Engine (TOE) in Windows Server 2008 R2 when only the NetXtreme II 1 Gb device is present.
– Added Hyper-V Live Migration features with BASP teaming
– Added new Comprehensive Configuration Management to manage all MBA enabled adapters from a single banner popup.
– TCP/IP and iSCSI Offload performance improvement in a congested network.
– Added VMQ support for NetXtremeII 1G and 10G devices.
– EOL Windows 2003 support
– Added SR-IOV features support for 57712 and 578xx
– Added EEE support for 1G and 10G Base-T adapters
– Added FCoE support for 57800/57810 adapters
– No FCoE support for 57800/57810 10GBase-T adapters
– Added support for 57840 adapters


Fixes and Enhancements Broadcom Firmware vers. 7.6.15 (Source:

– Add support for the 57840 adapters
– Reduce firmware update time in Windows
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