Microsoft Masterminds Episode 6: Marcelo Sinic, MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Windows IT Pro Expert from Brasil

Welcome to the new episode of tech talks with outstanding Microsoft community members from all over the world. Most interviews are with Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), and if you are not familiar with that program yet, I recommend you reading my recent introductory interview. In this episode I talk with Marcelo Sinic, a Brasil based MVP, Windows IT Pro Expert. Enjoy reading!

Editorial processing done by Rafael Knuth

Readable Interview:

Flo: Marcelo could you introduce yourself to the community?

Marcelo: My name is Marcelo Sincic, I work with TI since 1988. My first job was Clipper and DBase II programmer. I never worked with other area or other speciality.

Flo: What is your focus area as MVP and how did you get started?

Marcelo: My MVP is Windows IT Pro Expert and I started in this important professional program in 2010 and now is my third year.

Flo: You are part of the Dell Infrastructure Consulting service. Please tell us about us your daily work.

Marcelo: I am responsible to indicate and implement solutions for large and public clients in Brazil. In my team, I work as principal consultant in Microsoft technologies, focusing on virtualization, cloud and System Center suite. I contact clients before sales soes in order to determine solution and implement a solution after purchase.

Flo: In the past you handled very special and challenging projects. What was your most challenging one and why?

Marcelo: In 2011 I participated in project for virtualization in a large enterprise in Brazil with a global presence and 62 localizations. Their activity is mineral extraction and locations are far away from major cities. This project is a challenge because the size of a project and distance for implementations. But the project was completed sucessfully.

Flo: You are also implementing Microsoft System Center Products at customer sites. In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the new System Center 2012 bundle?

Marcelo: The old System Center versions are great products, but not integrated with others. Now, System Center 2012 Suite is integrated by use of Service Manager (SCSM) and Orchestrator. With two products I do SCCM talk with SCOM, VMM and others. For example, I create a Runbook in Orchestrator to set maintenance mode of Virtual Machine in SCOM, open incident in SCSM, stop machine in VMM, install updates from SCCM, start machine in VMM, set normal state in SCOM and close incident in SCSM. This Runbook is created with visual interface, permit use OS variables and integrate with SCSM to receive data for activities. This is a great and easy construction example.

Flo: Do you have a favorite System Center Product e.g. Orchestrator or Operations Manager?

Marcelo: Yes, my favorite is a Orchestrator, which is a new product in suite. But I like Configuration Manager, Operation Manager and Virtual Machine Manager as well.

Flo: Can you explain us why?

Marcelo: Orchestrator transforms individual System Center products into real integrated suite. Configuration Manager, Operation Manager and Virtual Machine Manager is essential to administer enviroments.

Flo: What is your favorite feature in this product?

Marcelo: Orchestrator Integration Packs is simple to implement with advanced functions. Runbook Designer is great tool for design a runbooks, with simple visual and easy construction.

Flo: How will SP1 for System Center 2012 affect your daily work?

Marcelo: I expect SP1 to delivery System Center 2012 in Windows 2012 operating system and SQL Server 2012. In addition, support of VMM agents for Windows 2012 is essential too.

Contact information:

Twitter: @marcelosincic